STEP - 1 - Your budget
Carry out a study of your purchasing capacity with the help of a financial advisor specializing in real estate credit or with a banking organization. Les Palmiers agency is able to guide you!

STEP - 2 - Your wish
Determine, refine and target the property according to your search criteria and within the previously defined financial conditions. 
STEP - 3 - The agency at your side
The excellent knowledge of the agency Les Palmiers, of the real estate market of Roquebrune cap martin in Menton and its surroundings, will be A CERTAIN ATOUT at this stage of your search. With its experience since 1963 in a market in perpetual movement, our sales department of the agency Les Palmiers will guide you and advise you, without any doubt, in your project.
STEP - 4 - On the ground
As a good professional, the agency Les Palmiers will help you to find the property(ies) for sale on the market at the desired time and corresponding to your expectations. Our special relationships with other professionals in Menton and Roquebrune cap martin allow us to extend very widely the option "Opportunities and good deals" that may correspond. Visits are coming! Allow time and good shoes!
STEP - 5 - The "J" day
After a few property visits, your search with Les Palmiers agency is successful! You suddenly have the COUP DE COEUR ! Your dream is about to come true! The agency Les Palmiers is more than ever at your side and listening to you. But not only that! Thanks to our seniority and experience, we will be able to answer all the questions you may have about your future property purchase that so appeals to you.
STEP - 6 - The offer to purchase
With or without purchase negotiation, it is now time to write a PURCHASE PROPOSAL in complete security with our sales department. Our willingness to persuade and our experience in real estate sales, with the sellers, could help you in a possible negotiation.
STEP - 7 - The preliminary sales agreement
After having obtained the seller’s agreement concerning the price and the conditions precedent (if necessary) of your offer, an appointment with the notary will then be fixed by us to concretize a SELLING AGREEMENT (PROMISE TO PURCHASE). The agency Les Palmiers will assist you in these administrative procedures. After signing the preliminary sales agreement, you will be given 10 days to think about it (SRU law).
STEP - 8 - Conditions precedent
If you have requested it, an additional period will be granted for obtaining your application for a property loan and for the signature of the offer. It will be necessary to prove your willingness to obtain a home loan and within the deadline.
STEP - 9 - The notary
The notary in charge of the AUTHENTIC ACT allows himself on average a period of two months to obtain the final information necessary before signing the deed. This time will also allow you to materialize your mortgage and to pay the funds directly into the account of the chosen notary’s office. No funds are paid into the account of Les Palmiers agency.
STEP - 10 - The big day
Shortly before signing the final deed at the notary’s office, our agency will offer you a final visit of your future home to ensure, together, that no changes have been made since then. You will then be able to sign the deed of sale and become the owner. The agency Les Palmiers will, once again, be at your side to accompany you in this beautiful and authentic STAGE . What an adventure!! 
Don’t hesitate any longer, contact us !

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