New-build property offers many advantages that appeal to buyers looking for comfort, energy savings and reassuring guarantees.
STEP 1 - Financing your purchase of a new home.
You need to determine your ability to repay and purchase with a tax specialist, who will be able to inform you about the zero-interest loan. Once your budget has been set, you can then start to work with your estate agent to find the new property programme that meets your expectations. You will be able to choose your preferred region throughout France.
After studying the sector and the region that you have selected in relation to your expectations, new programmes will be proposed to you. You will be provided with a wealth of information such as: visuals of the exterior buildings and glimpses of your future interiors, prices and plans for each home, and many other useful details gathered in the residence documentation (life in the neighbourhoods, transport, schools...).
STEP 2 - Signing the reservation contract and the loan contract if necessary.
The reservation contract contains information such as the address, a detailed description of the property, the equipment and annexes, a description of the materials used and the location of the property in the building or complex. Other information concerning the sale, such as the provisional sale price of the dwelling and its revision terms, the date on which the sale can be concluded and, possibly, the loans obtained to finance the acquisition of the dwelling, the conditions for recovering the deposit in the event of renunciation of the purchase and the deadlines for carrying out the work.
Please note: The seller (the developer, in this case) must take out an extrinsic guarantee which guarantees you the completion of the building or the reimbursement of payments made in the event of the developer’s default. A certificate must be attached to the contract. The buyer has a ten-day withdrawal period starting from the day after receiving the registered letter notifying the reservation contract, or the day after handing it in personally. In all cases, the seller must be notified of the withdrawal by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.
STEP 3 - the construction of your new home.
During construction, the developer can make direct calls for funds to your lending bank. The bank regularly releases part of the amount of the property loan it has granted you:
  • The first payment is made at the time of reservation: 5% of the price if the sales contract is signed within 1 year, or 2% of the price if the contract is signed within 1 to 2 years.
  • The first payment is made at the time of reservation: 5% of the price if the sale contract is signed within 1 year, or 2% of the price if the contract is signed within 1 to 2 years.
  • The amount of phasing of the work can be up to : 35% of the total price when the foundations are completed; 70% of the total price when the home is rendered watertight; and up to 95% of the total price on completion of the work.
  • The remaining 5% is paid on delivery of the property unless you have reservations about the property’s conformity with the sales contract.
STEP 4 - Handover of the keys to your home.
The handover of the keys is, of course, the decisive moment in your purchase. The developer, your estate agent and the notary will officially hand over the keys to the property to you, along with the co-ownership regulations. You will validate that there are no defects and that your home and the entire residence comply with the product described at the time of purchase. If necessary, any defects or lack of conformity must be noted on the delivery report. They must be repaired by the developer within one year.

Your move-in and your new life can then begin! 

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